Precious treasures of nature transformed into works of art
The goal of Groh + Ripp is to offer products in perfect quality. Behind this objective is the philosophy that perfection requires the best raw materials and thorough and diligent workmanship.
Rolf Cullmann after a fruitful session at work
As a consequence, at Groh + Ripp there are no compromises, from the beginning onwards. Only uncut stones of the highest quality are purchased, state-of-the-art technology is utilised, where practicable, and co-operation occurs with the most skilled cutters and lapidarists.
Numerous stages are required to make the gemstone radiate to optimal effect – and at Groh + Ripp the strive for perfection is evident in each of these stages. Matching the colour scheme of the gemstones, thus making each object a unique piece of art.
Alexander Allerborn, lapidary at work